Thursday, January 29, 2009

It sounds like a Lifetime movie...

Without divulging every detail...

There was a woman coming to our La Leche League meetings, and asking to join several local mom groups, that is a fraud.

She claimed she was a nurse at a local hospital, in the L&D department. She claimed to be married with children, with a set of twins on the way.

She lied. She is none of these things. She entered our groups under false pretenses, even offered to assist if one of us in the group wanted a home birth.

She is not a nurse. Not any sort of medical professional. She is not married. She has no children.

Several of us had a gut instinct about her. It turned out to be more than we could have imagined.

Trust your instincts when it comes to people around you and your children.

My PSA for today. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Lily Ledbetter Act passed!! Woohoo!!! :)

The Senate has easily passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act by a vote of 61-36. This act ensures equal pay for women working the same jobs as men. This could be the first bill President Obama signs into law.

Repubs say this will just lead to more lawsuits. Hell yeah! Women have been fighting and fighting and's about time we were recognized in the workplace.

Blog For Choice Day

Today is the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Thankfully, I've never lived in a world where choice wasn't a option for me. To be honest, I've only known two people (of course, it isn't something you bring up during tea time) who have made the choice to terminate a pregnancy. I've never known anyone who was not allowed a certain form of contraception because it was against the pharmacist's/doctor's religion.

No, I'm not "pro-abortion". That term is ridiculous. No one goes around advocating "Abortions for all! Come and get your abortion here!!". That's absurd. I am avidly Pro-Choice. The decision is mine and mine alone whether to use contraception, the "morning after pill", have an abortion or carry a pregnancy to term. Pro-choicers do not go around to pregnant women and say "Humph, you should have had an abortion! What's wrong with you?" We don't force our belief in choice upon anyone. We believe the choice is ours to make. When old white men decide what is best for women, we are truly NOT being served.

The question asked for this year's Blog for Choice is "What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress?"

My answer? Keep the choice in the woman's hands. Do not allow pharmacists and doctors to refuse medical attention/medications because of their personal beliefs. They are in the wrong profession if they see fit to force their religious dogma on patients. Disband the abstinence only sex education. It doesn't work. Period.

There is so much more I want to say, but I'm not feeling particularly eloquent right now. My last word on this is LEAVE MY BODY TO ME.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whole I love thee

I went to Whole Foods for the first time ever today. I had to go into BR to pick up a sweet, used wagon for the girl-child ($15 - score!), so I decided to finally see what all the fuss is about.

I loved it. The produce, the fish, the meat cuts...the wine...AWESOME. The prices??? Not so much. Yikes.

I walked out with 4 Lady Apples (teeny tiny things...had to try them), a bag of Arborio rice (can't find it in the feckin' grocery stores around here, for some reason), a fruit cup, and some beer. Mr. Refney loves his Old Rasputin, and it was cheap. So, there ya go.

I also heard the Abita Brewery got itself blowed up this morning. Thank FSM, they'll be back in production tomorrow. I thought I was going to have to make a run on some Restoration Ale and Jockamo IPA. :) Also, we have a friend who works there, so glad no one was hurt. Doubly glad the beer is fine as well. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's already Thursday???

Where does our time go? How did it get to Thursday without me noticing? Granted, I've been a little off this week with my killer hormonal shift, but this happens all the time now. I guess not working outside of the home, not really talking to anyone other than the kid and the husband and the grocery clerk really changes perception.

One of my goals for this year is to create a more structured routine for our home, especially for me and LilMiss. For 17 months now, I've just been "going with the flow"; wake up when baby wakes up, take a shower/get out of my pajamas when she goes down for a nap, around noon...hurry up and make supper before Mr. gets home from routine. Just, flowing. I don't think it's been that great for me or for the girl.

So, in an effort to be a bit more structured, I've come up with a tentative schedule. I really hope Mr. Refney isn't reading this...he will laugh and laugh at me. And then poke me in the mornings to get me out of bed.

7:00 am: Wake up time for me. Take temp. Chart. Make coffee, shower, email and internet time.

8:00 am: Wake up LilMiss. WE need a better nap and sleep schedule. Maybe getting her up at the same time will do the trick. So she's not napping at 5:30 in the evening.

Breakfast (an actual sit down breakfast, not just nursing), get dressed, and either:
Run errands
Go outside and play (weather permitting)
Go to park
Read and play learning games inside (if bad weather)

12:00 pm: Lunch. An actual sit down lunch. Not nursing.

12:30 pm: Naptime. For LilMiss, not me. If I'd just go to bed at a decent hour, maybe I wouldn't be so damn tired.

12:30 pm until LilMiss wakes up: Laundry. Dusting. Decluttering. What's for supper. Paperwork (tax season...yuck). Bill paying.

Afternoon: Playtime. Put in a movie or video game for LilMiss. Go back outside if weather is good. Continue with the laundry, because you know what happens if you throw it in a basket. It just multiplies, and then Mr. Refney is waking you up because he can't find a pair of socks.

Evening: Daddy's home!!!! Hand off girl, finish supper. Family playtime. KEEP THE DAMN TV OFF!!!!!! Bathtime for baby, reading, bedtime by 8:30.

Night: Good ol' snuggle time for the adults.

Now, I do realize I'm being a bit ambitious with this. After all, I'm a self-proclaimed internet addict who could spend 8 hours a day here and still not get enough. Lil'Miss will not always cooperate. She is getting to be quite the sassy toddler.

But...we'll see. At least I have something written down.

Gotta run. Mr. Refney is home. I need to go look busy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

LilMissRefney...the finder of lost stuff

The weekend before Christmas, I lost my wedding band. It had been too big for some time (that's what I get for getting married while pregnant...haha), to the point I could just fling my hand and it would fly off. So, one morning, I went to take it off to moisturize my face, was gone. Nowhere. I searched and searched and came to the conclusion it got thrown into the trash or down the shower drain. I was upset, but it was easily replaceable. I mean, I got it at HellMart, ffs. It was the ring Mr. Refney had given me, though, so I was still upset about it.


fast forward until yesterday. New Year's Day. LilMiss gets up early, while we want to sleep in, of course. After getting her breakfast, she's quietly running around our bedroom while Mr. Refney and I are dozing. I hear a clicking noise on the table...I think she has gotten a hold of some coinage, so I jump up to grab it out of her hand before she decides to eat it. No, it wasn't a was my ring. I don't know where she found it. I turned that room upside down looking for it. And here comes miss indigo child with her beatific smile on her face, holding my ring.

Now if she could only find where I stashed that million dollar lottery ticket....