Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

It was a be-you-ti-ful weekend...

Saturday, the weather here was gorgeous. PooButt and I brought out the blanket and lay beneath the trees while Refney and his dad worked on my Silver Surfer (aka: the mom-mobile). I lay there with PooButt napping on my chest and reflected how lucky I am. :)

LSU and the Saints won this weekend, so that was bonus!

Today the weather was horrible, though. Rained all I didn't get out to the store today. Probably won't tomorrow either with the forecast saying 90% chance of rain. The unbelievable thing is the temp is to be 63 tomorrow!!!! Why can't it be a clear day with those temps??? I'm so ready to get out into the fall weather. I need to start my walking routine. Though I lost all the baby weight (within a week and a half, thank you very much), I was about 20 pounds over my limit to begin with. I'm ready to be a MILF (or would that be "MYLF"????).

PooButt was exceptionally good today. I think she cried maybe twice? She did want to nurse all day...must be a growth spurt. Ah well...I didn't get any housework done today, but I'm sure I'll get it all together in the hour before Refney gets home from work tomorrow...heheheh.

Thoughts go out to the San Deigoans...must be hell to live with such helplessness due to fire. Scary.


Saturday, October 20, 2007



Enjoying a most beautiful day. And her giraffe. :)
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To Vote or Not to Vote?

So today is Election Day for the governor's race here in Louisiana. I'm so tired of all of the campaign ads on television. Seems like today may be the last day for them though. Bobby Jindal is expected to win the majority. If he doesn't, there will be a runoff election in November. A Republican governor is not what this state needs, but anyone is better than freakin' Blanco. I'm Democrat, and I didn't even vote for her last time. She's a bumbling idiot.

I don't know who to vote for. I don't really like any of the candidates. Honestly, none of them are well known enough to even compete with Jindal. It's sad, really. But, this is Louisiana. No matter who is in office, the status quo will continue. Corruption, nepotism and general laziness.

But, the food is AWESOME!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What am I doing?

I turned 30 a few days ago. Hence the name of the blog. So I'm starting some new things during my 30th year. Maybe this will be a good one.

I'm telling my husband (Refney) that I think I'm losing my mind. Literally. Since becoming pregnant last November and giving birth to my daughter, the ever-beautiful PooButt, in August, I feel dumber. I can't think of the correct words to use in a sentence. I can't remember what I said 5 minutes ago. If I don't write it down, I forget. And of course most of the time I forget where I put that damn list.

I read mommy shit on the internet. I could tell you whose kid in my due date club is rolling over and whose isn't (mine isn't. Good. She doesn't need to be mobile yet). I find recipes yet I can't find time to cook (Laugh it up, Refney). I could tell you how long breast milk lasts in the fridge, not that PooButt will take a bottle. Ask me what day it is...I probably can't tell you. Nor can I tell you what 3x6 is most days. I do watch the news....Headline News. That way at least it repeats every hour and I might remember something they said by the end of the day.

Not that I sit around doing nothing all day. That's another post.

Shit, I'm already losing focus. Alright, back to what I was saying...

So, I told my loving Refney, I need to do something that feeds my mind. Teaches me something new.

I told him to buy me a Nintendo DS so I can play that BrainAge game. That'll work, right?

Refney gave me a few suggestions. Read a textbook. Learn a language. Start a website. Things I can do in between laundry, dishes, diapers, errands and getting PooButt fed.

So, I picked up his old college texts. History, which I absolutely love. I'll read this, and then do some chapter exercises. Sounds good. Latin. Oooo, maybe I can learn latin. Sounds cool. Biology? I may be pushing it there.

Haven't opened the book yet. Except I did read Anthony Bourdain's "Nasty Bits" last week. Loved it!!!

So, while reading my mommyblogs this morning, I came to one hosted here. Hmmm, I can start my own? What would I write about? Is it easy?

Why the hell not? PooButt is asleep, not on me for once, so I'll give it a shot.

So yes, I'll talk about my lovely little girl a lot. My hunky husband sometimes, if he's lucky (or would that be unlucky?). My grammar sucks, so no comments on punctuation, please.

Feel free to bring the snark, just don't be nasty. My hormones may kill you.